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Question;midterm? uestion 15 out of 5 pointsWhat is the name for a voluntary consortium of HCOs and professional provider organizations that ensures a minimum level of safety and quality in HCOs?Answer? Question 25 out of 5 pointsWhich 1996 federal act established standards of privacy for patient information?Answer? Question 35 out of 5 pointsWhat is a formal legal entity that reaches across the panorama of medicine, other clinical disciplines and business to identify and deliver care to its community?Answer? Question 45 out of 5 pointsWhich moral concept behind an HCOs mission, vision and values is defined as a commitment to the patient?s right to decide his or her own course?Answer? Question 55 out of 5 pointsThe biggest barriers to advancement in an HCO leadership career path may be:Answer? Question 65 out of 5 pointsAsking employment applicants to read and accept a HCO?s mission and values before turning in an application is an example of which approach to cultural leadership?Answer? Question 75 out of 5 pointsWhat is the foundation for mastering competencies?Answer? Question 85 out of 5 pointsWhich of these statements demonstrates shared commitment?Answer? Question 90 out of 5 pointsWhich is a requirement of boundary spanning?Answer? Question 100 out of 5 pointsWhich is an example of the accountability function to sustain operational infrastructure?Answer? Question 110 out of 5 pointsLooking up clinical procedures or coaching a new manager are examples of what type of training?Answer? Question 125 out of 5 pointsWhat are performance measures for the responsive communication function?Answer? Question 135 out of 5 pointsWhich type of question is used in strategic scenarios dealing with insurers?Answer? Question 140 out of 5 pointsIf a not-for-profit HCO offers an extensive inclusion of executive compensation packages what must they do in order to account for excess compensation and benefits?Answer? Question 155 out of 5 pointsWhat type of program is designed to meet statutory and regulatory requirements?Answer? Question 165 out of 5 pointsNaming a member of the richest family in town to the HCO?s board of directors is an example of which perspective of governance?Answer? Question 175 out of 5 pointsWhat is an advantage of a formal affiliation with a larger health care center over individual patient referrals to specialists?Answer? Question 185 out of 5 pointsWhat guideline design shows the sequencing and conditional relationships of each step?Answer? Question 190 out of 5 pointsWhat are counterindications?Answer? Question 205 out of 5 pointsWhat protocol component is a statement of who may order procedures?Answer? Question 210 out of 5 pointsWhich psychological trait exhibited by engaged physicians involve an emotional relationship with the hospital, its mission and its values?Answer? Question 220 out of 5 pointsAnticipated physician retirements are a part of:Answer? Question 235 out of 5 pointsStudies by the Association of American Medical Colleges predict that the supply of physicians relative to the demand of the population as it ages will result in physician:Answer? Question 245 out of 5 pointsAdherence to ethical principles is an example of which physician competency that must be mastered by all residents?Answer? Question 250 out of 5 pointsWhat strategy is used for patients with multiple diseases that exceed the scope of single patient management protocols?Answer? Question 260 out of 5 pointsWhen effective communication and integration with physicians, other CSSs and service lines is achieved, which nursing function is demonstrated?Answer? Question 275 out of 5 pointsTranslating nursing research into practice improvements is an activity associated with which nursing function?Answer? Question 285 out of 5 pointsSequencing and scheduling of clinical support services are associated with which nursing function?Answerfinal? Question 15 out of 5 pointsJustification for capital investment should be based on:? Question 25 out of 5 pointsMarket share is a measure of which operational dimension for the CSS?? Question 35 out of 5 pointsWho defends the needs of the CSS?? Question 45 out of 5 pointsResponsive listening by senior management that includes CSSs should result in what benefit for CSS associates?? Question 50 out of 5 pointsWhich multi-component activity involving environmental management, immunization and behavioral elements, has the highest payoff?? Question 65 out of 5 pointsWhat is used as the measure of success for many primary prevention programs?? Question 70 out of 5 pointsWhat technique is used to overcome negative impressions of some community health services such as palliative care or preventive activities such as drug management or rehabilitation?? Question 85 out of 5 pointsHow are individual community health programs measured to provide evidence for supporting their existence?? Question 95 out of 5 points?Is the price what is billed or what is collected?? is an example of:? Question 105 out of 5 pointsWhat is a constraint of knowledge management?? Question 110 out of 5 pointsIntegrating data from multiple sources supports which function of knowledge management services?? Question 120 out of 5 pointsA unit of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services targets what year in their timeline to have all patients fully engaged in their healthcare with providers having real-time access to all medical information and tools to ensure quality and safety of the care provided?? Question 130 out of 5 pointsOSHA reports and other safety records are examples of which workforce function of HRM?? Question 145 out of 5 pointsEvidence from other fields suggests that employee loyalty is important to sustain:? Question 150 out of 5 pointsWhich is a function of the workforce plan?? Question 160 out of 5 pointsWhich has emerged from the literature as a characteristic that promotes productivity?? Question 175 out of 5 pointsWhat is the purpose of environment-of-care management?? Question 185 out of 5 pointsWhat program protects persons and property from fire hazards?? Question 195 out of 5 pointsWhat is a method of sorting patients according to needs for various levels of resources?? Question 205 out of 5 pointsWho manages the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging machines and ultrasounds?? Question 215 out of 5 pointsWhat is a process of restructuring transaction data to support monitoring, planning, setting expectations and improving the performance of accountability centers?? Question 220 out of 5 pointsWhat is a forecast of financial statements establishing the future financial position of the organization for a given set of operating conditions?? Question 235 out of 5 pointsWhat are entries to a patient ledger of charges for a specific healthcare service?? Question 245 out of 5 pointsWhat is the aggregate of accountability-center expenditure budgets plus the corporate revenue budget?? Question 255 out of 5 pointsA method of identifying significant changes in measures subject to random variation is called:? Question 265 out of 5 pointsWhat function of internal consulting involves the refinement of data to remove extraneous variation?? Question 270 out of 5 pointsWhat are the three specifications for defining work assignments to external consultants?? Question 285 out of 5 pointsWhat type of analysis studies the impact of alternative forecasts, usually developing most favorable, expected and least favorable scenarios to show the robustness of a proposal?? Question 295 out of 5 pointsEnsuring that the HCO responds to opportunities and threats from external events is the purpose of which strategy function?? Question 300 out of 5 pointsThe deliberate effort to establish fruitful relationships with exchange partners and stakeholders is the definition of:? Question 310 out of 5 pointsIn healthcare, what drives innovation?? Question 320 out of 5 pointsNews coverage of a healthcare crisis is usually an example of which type of branding communication?


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