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Please see my attached sheet. I need help with the...




Please see my attached sheet. I need help with the beginning WIP inventory for the material. I got everything except that one. if the answer is wrong a red asterisk appears right next to it. please help as i can not move on and am now stuck. Beginning WIP inventory(45% complete as to conversion) = 36,000 pounds Started during month = 120,000 pounds Transferred to FG Inventory = 126,000 pounds Ending WIP inventory (15% complete as to conversion) = 26,000 pounds Loss = 8,400 pounds The following costs are assosciated with October production: Beginning WIP Inventory: Material $14,000 Conversion $10,800 Total : $24,800 Current Period: Material $39,060 Conversion $33,912 Total: $72,972 Total cost to account for $97,772,*****correction the ending wip inventory (15% complete as to conversion = $21,600 pounds


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