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Davenport HCM630 Research Paper B




Question;Possible;Points;Earned;Points;Remarks;Introduction;5;Introduce;what the paper is about.;Current;Issues;40;Describe;[thru RESEARCH] any current issues with/about surgical site infections [SSIs];Financial;Impact;40;Describe;[thru RESEARCH] the FINANCIAL IMPACT SSIs will/has caused your facility;Current Data;and Comparative Data;60;Describe;[thru RESEARCH] Facility SSI data plus any State and/or National numerical;DATA on surgical site infections [SSIs] [For full points, I should see;current numerical data] NOTICE the larger point value!;CQI Plan;40;Research how;the facility can improve [lower] SSI statistics in your facility;Conclusion;5;Follow;Directions: Graduate Writing:[grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence;structure, etc]. Page Length [6 Max];APA format;Mandatory;EACH;Sections/Answers LABELED;10;4-6 Scholarly peer-reviewed;articles;referenced;in APA format;10;TOTAL;210


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