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Question;1.;Final;Assessment [240 Points] Due Day 1 Week 7.;The four basic;functional components of the U.S. health care delivery system include;?;financing;?;insurance;?;delivery, and;?;quality.;Review four;(4) DIFFERENT pieces of new [2013-2014;ONLY] or pending legislation;related to health care at the local, state, or federal level, one for each of the four components [One legislation for;finance, one different legislation for insurance, one different;legislation for delivery, and one different legislation;for quality] of the U.S. health care delivery system. NOTE: DO NOT include the Obama;Healthcare Plan!;Be sure to include the name and;number of the Bill, plus who;when, what, and why of EACH chosen piece of legislation for the;four [finance, insurance;delivery, quality] components;?;The BILL;BOTH the Name and Bill/legislation number;?;The WHO introduced;the legislation [Complete name of person NOT organization;or lobbyist];?;The WHEN it;was proposed or enacted [complete date within the Year of 2013-2014 ONLY];?;The WHAT the;legislation is about, and;?;The WHY this;legislation is needed.;RE-STATE and then answer the 2;follow up questions;1. Which of these components is more important;than the other three? Why?;2. What;type of organization would best lobby for your chosen component? Why?;MAXIMUM length: 8 pages.;Be sure to LABEL each section and include;an introduction, conclusion and appropriate sources properly cited and;referenced. See rubric for specific details.;FYI: A table or chart format is;recommended but not required.;The assignment is due on Day 1 of Week;7.;1. This final exam should not;be more than8 pages not including the;title and references pages.;2. As always, APAstandardsare required including the appropriate in-text citations.;3. A minimum offour scholarly referenceswith in-text citations[textbook does not apply]must be used. State the questions in entirety as;a heading.;4. A title page,anintroduction, a conclusion and reference page(s) must be included.


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