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Question;HCM 590 Midterm;Examination;and Presentation Instructions;For the HCM 590 midterm, you will prepare and;submit a narrated PowerPoint presentation detailing your Medicare reform;recommendations. Please prepare a 30-slide PowerPoint presentation with self-running;embedded narration according to the following outline;?;Title slide (1;slide);?;Medicare Reform;Actions Favored (15 slides);?;Medicare Reform;Ideas Opposed (10 slides);?;Conclusion (2;slides);?;References Cited;(2 slides);The;running time of the recorded presentation should be about 30 minutes.;Therefore, you have about one minute per slide to explain the Medicare reform;options you favor (15 slides) and oppose (10 slides).;In addition to assigned Module 1-4 readings, recommended references include;?;Kaiser;Family Foundation. (2013). Policy Options to Sustain Medicare for the Future.;Retrieved from;?;AARP;Public Policy Institute. (2012). Perspectives: Options for Reforming Medicare.;Retrieved from;/compilation-of-options-medicare-AARP-ppi-health.pdf;?;Weissert;W. & Weissert, C. (2012). Governing Health: The Politics of Health Policy.;4th ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.;?;Plus recently;published resources retrieved through your own research.;Categories of Medicare reform options include (but are not limited;to) such areas as;?;Beneficiary Cost Sharing;?;Medicare Advantage Plans;?;Beneficiary Premiums;?;Medicare Program Structure;?;Delivery System Reform;?;Patient Engagement;?;Eligibility Age;?;Prescription Drug Coverage;?;High-Need Beneficiaries;?;Provider Payments;Note: the above ten areas were extracted from;?Policy Options to Sustain Medicare for the Future? (Kaiser Family Foundation;2013). Your views on additional Medicare;reform issues discussed in the module pages;(e.g., a premium support approach) should also be included in the Midterm;presentation.;Recording Assistance;To record narration for a slide in your;presentation using, for example, PowerPoint 2007;?;Go to the third;slide;?;Click on ?Slide;Show?;?;Click on ?Record;Narration?;?;Click ?OK?;?;Click ?Current;Slide?;?;?;Hit ?escape?;?;Click ?Save?;Many websites provide additional instructions;for embedding narration into a PowerPoint presentation, for example;?;Microsoft.;(2013). Add narration to a presentation. Retrieved from;?;For;Dummies. (2013). How to Record a Narration in PowerPoint 2007. Retrieved from;The Midterm;presentation is due no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday at the end of Module 4.;The presentation is to be submitted to the Midterm Dropbox.


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