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Davenport HCM630 week 1 discussion




Question;Week;1-A:The reclassification of certain drugs consumers could only;purchase with a prescription from a physician to [non-prescription];over-the-counter [OTC] drugs, has resulted in the decreased influence of;physicians over which drugs may be prescribed for a patient as well as an;explosion of pharmaceutical and medical device advertising directed to consumer.;Do you believe today?s consumers are more informed about the disease process;and its treatment [if so, how?] or are they relying too much on media to;provide viable treatment suggestions [if so, why]?;Week;1-B: An aging population, an increased demand for chronic long-term;care, as well as an trend toward the development of new technologies that;support alternative delivery systems (ADS) have all decentralized medical;decision-making and embraced private innovations in healthcare for senior citizens;and taxpayers. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your facility, discuss;the implication (both positive and negative) of decentralized medical services;on caring for an increasing aging population and increased costs of new;technologies. Name at least two strategies that may keep your organization;viable.


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