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strayer HSA300 week 5 midterm exam




Question;? uestion 15 out of 5 points What is the name for a voluntary;consortium of HCOs and professional provider organizations that ensures a;minimum level of safety and quality in HCOs?Answer ? Question;25 out of 5 points Which 1996 federal act;established standards of privacy for patient information?Answer ? Question;35 out of 5 points What is a formal legal entity;that reaches across the panorama of medicine, other clinical disciplines and;business to identify and deliver care to its community?Answer ? Question;45 out of 5 points Which moral concept behind an;HCOs mission, vision and values is defined as a commitment to the patient?s;right to decide his or her own course?Answer ? Question;55 out of 5 points The biggest barriers to;advancement in an HCO leadership career path may be:Answer ? Question;65 out of 5 points Asking employment applicants to;read and accept a HCO?s mission and values before turning in an application is;an example of which approach to cultural leadership?Answer ? Question;75 out of 5 points What is the foundation for;mastering competencies?Answer ? Question;85 out of 5 points Which of these statements;demonstrates shared commitment?Answer ? Question;90 out of 5 points Which is a requirement of;boundary spanning?Answer ? Question;100 out of 5 points Which is an example of the;accountability function to sustain operational infrastructure?Answer ? Question;110 out of 5 points Looking up clinical procedures or;coaching a new manager are examples of what type of training?Answer ? Question;125 out of 5 points What are performance measures for;the responsive communication function?Answer ? Question;135 out of 5 points Which type of question is used in;strategic scenarios dealing with insurers?Answer ? Question;140 out of 5 points If a not-for-profit HCO offers an;extensive inclusion of executive compensation packages what must they do in;order to account for excess compensation and benefits?Answer ? Question;155 out of 5 points What type of program is designed;to meet statutory and regulatory requirements?Answer ? Question;165 out of 5 points Naming a member of the richest;family in town to the HCO?s board of directors is an example of which;perspective of governance?Answer ? Question;175 out of 5 points What is an advantage of a formal;affiliation with a larger health care center over individual patient referrals;to specialists?Answer ? Question;185 out of 5 points What guideline design shows the;sequencing and conditional relationships of each step?Answer ? Question;190 out of 5 points What are counterindications?Answer ? Question;205 out of 5 points What protocol component is a;statement of who may order procedures?Answer ? Question;210 out of 5 points Which psychological trait;exhibited by engaged physicians involve an emotional relationship with the;hospital, its mission and its values?Answer ? Question;220 out of 5 points Anticipated physician retirements;are a part of:Answer ? Question;235 out of 5 points Studies by the Association of;American Medical Colleges predict that the supply of physicians relative to the;demand of the population as it ages will result in physician:Answer ? Question;245 out of 5 points Adherence to ethical principles;is an example of which physician competency that must be mastered by all;residents?Answer ? Question;250 out of 5 points What strategy is used for;patients with multiple diseases that exceed the scope of single patient;management protocols?Answer ? Question;260 out of 5 points When effective communication and;integration with physicians, other CSSs and service lines is achieved, which;nursing function is demonstrated?Answer ? Question;275 out of 5 points Translating nursing research into;practice improvements is an activity associated with which nursing function?Answer ? Question;285 out of 5 points Sequencing and scheduling of;clinical support services are associated with which nursing function?Answer;="msonormal">


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