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strayer HSA300 week 7 quiz 5




Question;? Question;12 out of 2 points What is a good indicator of unmet;demand?Answer ? Question;22 out of 2 points What do the strategic performance;measures used in community health strategies emphasize?Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points Why should a needs assessment be;done comprehensively?Answer ? Question;40 out of 2 points Which of the following is an;example of a prevention site that provides continuing care?Answer ? Question;52 out of 2 points What is a diverse set of clinical;events that includes critical primary, secondary and tertiary preventive care;as well as more routine support for minor illness and trauma?Answer ? Question;60 out of 2 points What is used as the measure of;success for many primary prevention programs?Answer ? Question;72 out of 2 points Which is an example of the;secondary prevention level used in the early stage identification of disease?Answer ? Question;82 out of 2 points Conducting ongoing reviews of;community health performance is an example of which function that implements a;community health mission?Answer ? Question;90 out of 2 points Data for the quality assessment;of patient care at nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals and kidney;dialysis facilities are drawn from:Answer ? Question;100 out of 2 points Building stakeholder consensus;around the implications of expanded mission is an example of which function;that implements a community health mission?Answer ? Question;112 out of 2 points The most effective community;advocacy groups have been:Answer ? Question;122 out of 2 points Which level of disease prevention;is most cost effective?Answer ? Question;132 out of 2 points Health information from which;source is virtually always public?Answer ? Question;140 out of 2 points The community health concept is;cost effective only if:Answer ? Question;150 out of 2 points How are individual community;health programs measured to provide evidence for supporting their existence?Answer;="msonormal">


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