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strayer hsa300 week 8 quiz 6




Question;? Question;12 out of 2 points Why is the establishment of;standard definitions necessary?Answer ? Question;20 out of 2 points Why would an archive of;performance data be used?Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points What is the statistical technique;that uses specification to remove variation caused by differences in the;relative size of subset populations?Answer ? Question;42 out of 2 points Since infant birth weight is;affected by socioeconomic characteristics, to make month-to-month comparisons;of low birth rate baby counts more reliable:Answer ? Question;50 out of 2 points Which step in the knowledge;management planning process would come before the others?Answer ? Question;62 out of 2 points What is the purpose of knowledge;management?Answer ? Question;72 out of 2 points System attacks are a measure of;which KM function?Answer ? Question;80 out of 2 points Who should periodically audit the;security function of a KM unit?Answer ? Question;90 out of 2 points What is a statistical analysis;that identifies values for a measure by defined subsets of a population to;measure the extent to which the values change across the sets?Answer ? Question;100 out of 2 points Preventing the inference about;individuals based on aggregate data can be prevented by:Answer ? Question;110 out of 2 points Which is an example of assistance;from outside contractors?Answer ? Question;120 out of 2 points Whose duty is it to convince;others of the power of information and encourage them to use it effectively?Answer ? Question;130 out of 2 points What is an outdated computer;software or system that lacks the features found in more current versions?Answer ? Question;140 out of 2 points The growth of telemedicine;promoted the increased use of what communication media?Answer ? Question;150 out of 2 points ?Is the price what is billed or;what is collected?? is an example of:Answer ? Question;162 out of 2 points Education and training, licensure;and experience requirements are part of which recruitment activity?Answer ? Question;172 out of 2 points What can force an HCO to make an;involuntary reduction in its workforce?Answer ? Question;180 out of 2 points What program?s purpose is to;retain customer loyalty in situations where the organization has failed?Answer ? Question;192 out of 2 points What is offered to persons being;involuntarily terminated through reductions in the workforce?Answer ? Question;202 out of 2 points Which employee service has been;shown to reduce absenteeism?Answer ? Question;210 out of 2 points Which of the following is an;example of the workforce development function of HRM?Answer ? Question;220 out of 2 points In leadership development, which;associates are offered extra learning opportunities through special;assignments, expanded mentoring and committee involvement?Answer ? Question;232 out of 2 points Health-risk screening, smoking;cessation and nutritional/exercise programs are examples of what common;workforce maintenance program?Answer ? Question;240 out of 2 points Which protocol for recruitment;and selection controls the size of the associate force and protects against;improper employment?Answer ? Question;252 out of 2 points How often should a workforce plan;be updated?Answer ? Question;262 out of 2 points Evidence from other fields;suggests that employee loyalty is important to sustain:Answer ? Question;272 out of 2 points Which core file of HRM knowledge;management provides tax and employment data aggregated for descriptions?Answer ? Question;280 out of 2 points Who is responsible for ensuring;that contract workers have been hired according to federal regulations?Answer ? Question;292 out of 2 points What legislation mandates;workers? compensation for injury?Answer ? Question;300 out of 2 points The purpose of human resources;management is to increase the contribution of the human resource to the HCO?s;mission by:Answer;="msonormal">


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