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devry hsm340 all weeks discussions [ week 1 to week 7 ]




Question;week 1Finance and the Regulatory Components (graded)a) Are there any other types of information besides;financial that may be useful in making financial decisions?b) Identify the major components of a corporate compliance;plan, including the establishment of internal controls relating to the finances;of an organization.c) How does legal and regulatory issues shape and define;good financial management of a health care organization?Reimbursement and Payment Determination (graded)a) Discuss the major reimbursement methods used in health;care.b) Discuss the major aspects of Medicare benefits.c) List some of the important considerations when;negotiating a health plan contract.wek 2Accounting Conventions and Methods (graded)Discuss the accounting conventions that affect the;application of accounting principles.Financial Performance (graded)Explain why it is important to know the scope of business;being reviewed when using financial statements.week 3Cost Categories (graded)Discuss the four types of costs that might be relevant when;considering alternative projects.Cost Information (graded)Describe how cost information relates to the three key;activities of management: planning, budgeting, and control.weeek 4Financial Sources (graded)List the major nonhospital and nonphysician sectors of the;healthcare industryFinancial Theories and Concepts (graded)Describe the two major theories used for the detection of;out-of-control costs.This section lists options that can be used to view responses.week 5 discussionCapital Investments (graded)List some of the kinds of information that is needed to;evaluate a capital investment project.Future and Present Value (graded)List some of the pros and cons of retiring debt early.week 6Cash and Assets (graded)List and describe where cash is generated by an organization;and where an organization uses its cash.Cash Resources (graded)List and explain the criteria that should be used when;investing an organization's cash in the short term.week 7HMO, MCO and Health Plans (graded)Discuss legal and regulatory issues that affect MCOs.Financial Policy (graded)Describe the relationship between financial planning and;strategic planning.This section lists options that can be used to view;responses.;="msonormal">


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