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strayer HSA300 week 10 quiz 8




Question;?;What is a;government-issued permission to proceed with capital investment required by;many states?;Answer;?;Question;2;0 out of 2 points;The count of user;requests from a log of assignments is an example of operational performance;measures for which dimension of internal consulting?;Answer;?;Question;3;0 out of 2 points;Which is a function of;internal consulting support of improvement projects?;Answer;?;Question;4;2 out of 2 points;An examination of how;groups differ in performance characteristics is called;Answer;?;Question;5;0 out of 2 points;How can external causes;of variation be identified?;Answer;?;Question;6;0 out of 2 points;Which of the following is;an example of the evaluation of technical proficiency?;Answer;?;Question;7;0 out of 2 points;What is the most critical;role of internal consulting?;Answer;?;Question;8;0 out of 2 points;Once operating units;develop OFI proposals, what is the first step in the programmatic capital;review process?;Answer;?;Question;9;0 out of 2 points;A method of identifying;significant changes in measures subject to random variation is called;Answer;?;Question;10;0 out of 2 points;What function of internal;consulting involves the refinement of data to remove extraneous variation?;Answer;?;Question;11;0 out of 2 points;The OHRP definition of;quality improvement activities includes activities conducted by institutions;whose purposes are limited to implementing a practice to improve the quality;of patient care and;Answer;?;Question;12;0 out of 2 points;What type of analysis;studies the impact of alternative forecasts, usually developing most;favorable, expected and least favorable scenarios to show the robustness of a;proposal?;Answer;?;Question;13;0 out of 2 points;Which is an example of an;operational performance measure of productivity?;Answer;?;Question;14;0 out of 2 points;What is an advantage of;internal consulting as a clearinghouse?;Answer;?;Question;15;0 out of 2 points;Which question is;designed to monitor the performance of an internal consulting team?;Answer


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