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Strayer HSA 525 Assignments 4 and 5 Problems




Question;HSA;525 Health Financial Management;Assignment;Exercise 4-1: Contractual Allowances;Physician office;revenue for visit code 99214 has a full established rate of $72.00. Of ten;different payers, there are nine different contracted rates, as follows;Payer Contracted;Rate;FHP $35.70;HPHP;58.85;MC;54.90;UND;60.40;CCN;70.20;MO;70.75;CGN;10.00;PRU;54.90;PHCS;50.00;ANA;45.00;For each payer, compute the contractual allowance.;Assignment;Exercise 4-2 Revenue Sources and Grouping Revenue;The Metropolis Health;System has revenue sources from operations, donations, and interest income. The;revenue from operations is primarily received for services. MHS groups its;revenue;first by cost center.;Within each cost center the services revenue is then grouped by payer.;For each of the six;situations, indicate its number(1 through 6). Then place and X in the column(s);that represent the correct revenue source(s) for the item. The six situations;are;(1);ICU stay billed to employee?s insurance;program.-;(2);Lab test paid for by an individual.-;(3);Pathology work performed for the state.-;(4);ICU stay billed to member?s health plan.-;(5);ICU stay billed for Medicare;beneficiary.-;(6);Series of allergy tests run for eligible;Medicaid beneficiary.-;Medicare Medicaid Other;Public Patients Commercial Managed;Programs;Insurance Care;Contracts;(1);(2);(3);(4);(5);(6);Assignment;Exercise 5-1 Grouping Expenses by Cost Center;The Metropolis Health;System?s Rehabilitation and Wellness centre offers outpatient therapy and;return-to-work services plus cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation to get people;back to a normal way of living. The Rehabilitation and Wellness Center expenses;include the following;?;Nursing Salaries;?;Physical Therapist Salaries;?;Occupational Therapist Salaries;?;Cardiac Rehab Salaries;?;Patient Education Coordinator Salary;?;Nursing Supplies;?;Physical Therapist Supplies;?;Occupational Therapist Supplies;?;Cardiac Rehab Supplies;?;Pulmonary Rehab Supplies;?;Training Supplies;?;Clerical Office Supplies;?;Employee Education;Decide how many cost;centers should be used for the above expenses at the Center and where each;expense should be located.;Assignment Exercise 5-2;Find;a listing of expenses by diagnosis or by procedure. The source of the list can;be internal or external. Comment upon whether you believe the expense grouping;used is appropriate. Would you have grouped the expenses in another way?


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