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COH 315 Final Part 1 Assignment 2014 (Principles of Epidemiology)




Question;COH 315: Principles;of Epidemiology;Final Part 1;Calculations and Interpretations: Answer the following;questions in the space provided. Show;all of your work.;1.;Evidence of an increased risk of lung cancer;associated with cigarette smoking was sought by Doll and Hill. In one study, 649 lung cancer cases were;matched by age, and gender to 649 controls, 647 of the cases and 622 of the;control had a history of smoking cigarettes.;a.;Name the type of study.;b.;Create the appropriate 2X2 table for the study.;(2 points);Lung Cancer Controls;Smokers 647 622;Nonsmokers 2;27;Total 649 649;c.;Calculate the appropriate measure of association;for the study. (4 points);d.;Interpret the results. (2 points);2.;In another study, the smoking habits of 34,445;male physicians were obtained by mailed questionnaires. Deaths among these physicians over the;subsequent years were identified though contact with the office of the;Registrar General. The death rates from;lung cancer of these physicians classified by smoking habits were;Standardized;Death Rates per 1000 Persons Aged 35 or More per Year;Nonsmokers 0.07;Cigarette Smokers 0.96;a.;Name the type of study. (2 points);b.;Calculate the Relative Risk for smokers as;compared to nonsmokers. (6 points);c.;Interpret the results (2 points);Annual Death Rates per 100,000;Persons;Exposure Category Lung;Cancer Coronary;Heart Disease;Heavy Smokers 166 599;Nonsmokers 7;422;a.;Calculate the relative risk from Lung Cancer Mortality;for Heavy Smokers compared to non smokers.;(4 points);b.;Calculate the attributable risk of Lung Cancer;from smoking. (4 points);c.;Interpret the results. (2 points);d.;Calculate the percent attributable risk of Coronary Heart Disease;due to smoking (4 points);e.;Interpret the results. (2 points);3.;Convert the following incidence rates to;attributable risk using the additive model: (5 points);Incidence Rates Relative;Risks;Factor A Factor;A;+ _ +;Factor B - 3.0 9.0;+ 15.0 21.00;4.;Calculate the concordance rate for the following;data: (5 points);Twin 1;Has Leukemia Does Not Have Leukemia;Twin 2 Has;Leukemia 14 1;Does;Not Have Leukemia 26 36


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