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Kaplan HCA 440 Unit 8 Assignment 2014




Question;NameUnit 8ASSIGNMENTNumeric Problems (2 @ 10 = 20)1. Last year the price for thermometer covers in a pediatrician?s office was $.05 each. This year, the covers cost $.06 each. If the office purchased 10,000 thermometer covers this year, what is the price variance?2. Using the information in the table below, calculate the amount of the favorable price variance. Budgeted ActualVolume 200,000 190,000Cost per unit $40 $37Cost $8,000,000 $7,030,000Short Answer Problems (1 @ 10 = 10)3. When would it make sense to use a flexible budget as compared to a forecast budget?Multiple Choice Problems (4 @ 5 = 20)4. ________________ is a phase of management that is longer than budgeting, but shorter than planning.A. ProgrammingB. AccountingC. OperatingD. None of the above5. Budgets normally cover a period of:A. 5 yearsB. 2 yearsC. 3 yearsD. 1 year6. Which of the following is part of a statistics budget?A. Output expectationsB. Responsibility for estimationC. Estimation methodologyD. All of the above7. The following is an example of a _____________ budget:?The budget for the radiology department is different at 90 percent occupancy than at 80 percent occupancy.?A. rollingB. flexibleC. forecastD. fixed


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