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Question;Question 1Tumor suppressor genes function to increase the activity of cells during times of stress or when conditions do not favor cell division.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 2How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?AnswerProto-oncogenes code for proteins that regulate expression of structural genes, oncogenes code for nucleic acids involved in cell division.Proto-oncogenes control normal cell division, oncogenes contribute to the development of cancer.When oncogenes become damaged, they become proto-oncogenes.Oncogenes activate tumor suppressor genes, proto-oncogenes repress tumor suppressor genes.Proto-oncogenes cause cells to self-destruct when damaged, oncogenes cause damaged cells to repair themselves.1 points Question 3The dietary carcinogen aflatoxin can be found in:Answerfresh meats.salt.alcohol.raw peanut butter.1 points Question 4The most important aspect in the treatment of cancer is that the cancer be diagnosed as early as possible. Early detection of cancer increases the chance that treatment will be successful.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 5How are antiangiogenic drugs used in the treatment of cancer?AnswerThese drugs stop the replication of DNA so cancer cells cannot reproduce.These drugs stop the growth of blood vessels into the tumor, so the cells "starve" to death.These drugs stop metastasis.These drugs stimulate the immune system.These drugs stimulate the production of free radicals, which kill cancer cells.1 points Question 6Which of the following is not true regarding the immune system and cancer?AnswerSome cancers can suppress the immune system.Some cancer cells produce abnormal proteins on their cell surfaces that the immune system can use to detect these cells.Cancer cells can be killed by immune system cells.Because cancer cells are the individual's cells, there is no way for the immune system to differentiate between normal cells and cancer cells.Many cancer cells do not display "self" proteins.1 points Question 7In some cases, why doesn't the immune system recognize and destroy a cancer?AnswerCancer cells that produce abnormal antigens sometimes shed them.Cancer cells have less surface receptors needed for proper activation of T cells.Cancer cells have enough "self" surface markers as to be identified as normal cells.Cancer cells develop from normal cells that cannot regulate cell division.all of the above1 points Question 8The chance that an individual in the United States will experience some form of cancer in their lifetime is:Answer1 in 1000.1 in 10.1 in one million.1 in 3.1 in 25.1 points Question 9Common side effects associated with chemotherapy are due to:Answerfevers induced by the chemicals.death of cancer cells and their subsequent removal from the body.change in blood pH caused by the chemicals.death of normal cells caused by the chemicals.destruction of RNA in most normal cells.1 points Question 10Tumor suppressor genes function toAnswerprevent gene expression of oncogenes.prevent release of growth factors.slow down unchecked cell growth, differentiation, division, or adhesion.produce proto-oncogenes.stimulate metastasis.1 points Question 11A mass of rapidly dividing cells that have potentially lost the ability to regulate cell division isAnswera neoplasmangiogenesisdysplasiahyperplasiakeratosis1 points Question 12A mutated form of the p53 gene has been identified in tumors of all of the following types of cancer points Question 13Not only does smoking cause lung cancer, it also doubles the risk of which of the following types of cancer?Answerstomachprostatebladdercolonbrain1 points Question 14Which of the following is not true regarding cervical cancer?AnswerThe Pap test can be used to diagnose cervical cancer.The risk of developing cervical cancer increases with infection by the herpes simplex virus.Cervical cancer may be one of the first cancers to be prevented with the use of a vaccine.Women with multiple sex partners are at higher risk for cervical cancer.The survival rate for women with cervical cancer is fairly high.1 points Question 15Diet, including what is and what is not consumed, is believed to play a major role in determining whether or not an individual develops cancer.AnswerTrueFalse


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