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davenport hcm770 Week 5,6 and week 7 discussions




Discussion Question 1 W5




Explain the difference between pre-service, point-of-service, and after-service. What elements are central to each? Provide an example of how an organization might create a competitive advantage in each of these areas.









Discussion Question 2 W5




ConsiderCase 13 – Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the Health Care Industryas an example to discuss various ways that health care providers can define the market that they want to serve











Discussion Question 1 W6




In consideringCase 18 – The Premier Health Care Alliance Emergesas an example, which do you think changes first, strategy or structure? After formulating your answer and making your case, argue the opposite position








Discussion Question 2 W6



What are the primary differences in the human resources strategies needed for expansion, contraction, and maintenance of scope? Which type of adaptive strategy is the most difficult to implement from a human resources perspective? Why?









Week 7 Discussion - Question 1



ConsiderCase 20 – Emergency Care Groupto examine important components of action plans from the Chapter 10 text book information. Which components do you think are the most important in this firm? Which are the least important for the firm? Explain your response.







Week 7 Discussion - Question 2


What are some of the primary barriers to the effective implementation of strategies in health care organizations? How can each one be overcome or removed?


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