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Question;explain why strategic management has become crucial in today?s dynamic health care environment.What types of changes are likely to occur in the health care environment in the next several years?week 2What competitor information categories are useful in competitor analysis? Are these categories appropriate for health care organizations? How can these information categories provide a focus for information gathering and strategic decision making?Discussion Question 2 W2Consider the institution in Case 4 ? OR Solutions Reaches a Crossroad to illustrate the three steps in Exhibit 4-3: Strategic Thinking Map for Discovering Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages (p. 137 in textbook).Discussion Question 1 W3Think of an organization that you know relatively well and attempt to construct a mission statement in light of the components of missions discussed in this chapter. What components did you choose to emphasize in this statement? Why? What component do you think really embodies the distinctiveness of the organization?Discussion Question 2 W3ConsiderCase 7 ? Indian Health Service: Creating a Climate for Changeto recommend values for this agency. Why are values referred to as an organization?s guiding principles? In what sense do values constitute a directional strategy for the organization?Discussion Question 1 W4Examine Exhibit 6-4 Strategic Thinking Map ? Hierarchy of Strategic Decisions and Alternatives (p. 201 of textbook) and apply to a health care organization you are familiar with to illustrate each component: the institution?s direction strategies, adaptive strategies, market entry strategies, competitive strategies, and implementation strategies. If you wish to use Case 10 or 12 for the institution example you may do so if you are not currently in the health care field and familiar with an existing organization.Discussion Question 2 W4ConsiderCase 11 ? Riverview Regional Medical Center: An HMA Facilityto describe the product life cycle. How is it useful for thinking about the adaptive strategy of a health care organization?Discussion Question 1 W5Explain the difference between pre-service, point-of-service, and after-service. What elements are central to each? Provide an example of how an organization might create a competitive advantage in each of these areas.Discussion Question 2 W5ConsiderCase 13 ? Emanuel Medical Center: Crisis in the Health Care Industryas an example to discuss various ways that health care providers can define the market that they want to serveDiscussion Question 1 W6In consideringCase 18 ? The Premier Health Care Alliance Emergesas an example, which do you think changes first, strategy or structure? After formulating your answer and making your case, argue the opposite positionDiscussion Question 2 W6What are the primary differences in the human resources strategies needed for expansion, contraction, and maintenance of scope? Which type of adaptive strategy is the most difficult to implement from a human resources perspective? Why?Week 7 Discussion - Question 1ConsiderCase 20 ? Emergency Care Groupto examine important components of action plans from the Chapter 10 text book information. Which components do you think are the most important in this firm? Which are the least important for the firm? Explain your response.Week 7 Discussion - Question 2What are some of the primary barriers to the effective implementation of strategies in health care organizations? How can each one be overcome or removed?="msonormal">


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