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Question;Week 1 dq1;HCOs" Please;respond to the following;?;Should the text have started with;?Building healthy communities is the focus of HCOs, including patient care but;going well beyond?? Explain your answer.;?;Examine the major components of the;U.S. health care system to determine where the greatest opportunity for;improvement exists.;?;Provide examples of some of the ?going;well beyond? activities.Week 1 dq2"Transformational;Management" Please respond to the following:?;Why do high-performing HCOs strive for;transformational styles??;Propose ways that accountability can be;achieved in high-performing, transformational HCOs.?;How comfortable would you be working in;a high-performing, transformational organization?;?;Compare and contrast how political;economic, and social forces have influenced changes in the United States?;healthcare system.;="msonormal">


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