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Question;Week 5 dq1;Clinical Support Services" Please;respond to the following;?;Patient scheduling is often an issue;that involves several Clinical Support Services (CSSs). Some CSSs must be;scheduled in specific sequence, requiring the patient to be moved from place to;place. Delays should be minimized, but service times are not always;predictable. Propose ways that an excellent organization would address these;scheduling problems.;?;Illustrate the primary role of the;managers in Clinical Support Services in providing and improving quality;patient care.Week 5 dq2"Approach to Clinical Support Services;Please respond to the following:?;A small hospital in a well-managed;healthcare system can consider three ways to obtain clinical support services;?stand alone? (hire its own healthcare professionals), ?outsource? (buy;services from local providers), and ?affiliate? (arrange for training;procedures, and supervision through its system). Determine how the organization;should come to a decision regarding which approach to providing CSSs is;preferable.?;Who should be involved in that;decision?;?;Assess the primary performance;measure used to evaluate the effectiveness of CSSs.="msonormal">


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