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strayer HSA300 week 2 quiz




Question;? Question;1;2 out of 2 points;What is a formal legal entity;that reaches across the panorama of medicine, other clinical disciplines and;business to identify and deliver care to its community?;? Question;2;2 out of 2 points;Government approval to perform;specified activities is called;? Question;3;0 out of 2 points;Agreed-on methods for each task;in the care process is the definition of;? Question;4;0 out of 2 points;Pediatrics, obstetrics;psychiatry and rehabilitation are examples of which component of a healthcare;organization?;? Question;5;2 out of 2 points;A unit within an HCO that relies;on another unit for service is considered a;? Question;6;2 out of 2 points;What are individuals or groups;that have a direct interest in an organization?s success?;Answer;? Question;7;2 out of 2 points;Physicians in family practice;midwives and nurse practitioners are examples of providers who provide initial;contact with a patient. These are called;? Question;8;0 out of 2 points;What type of hospital is excluded;from counts of community hospitals?;? Question;9;0 out of 2 points;The ultimate source of stakeholders?;power is the marketplace where influence is exercised through;? Question;10;0 out of 2 points;What type of provider manages;broad categories of hospitalized patients?;? Question;11;0 out of 2 points;Which teams within a healthcare;organization protect the HCO?s culture and tangible resources?;? Question;12;2 out of 2 points;What are healthcare organizations;that operate multiple service units under a single ownership?;? Question;13;0 out of 2 points;What is a state-issued approval;for new services and construction of hospitals?.;? Question;14;0 out of 2 points;Which moral concept behind an;HCOs mission, vision and values is defined as a commitment to the patient?s;right to decide his or her own course?;? Question;15;0 out of 2 points;The focus of strategic activities;is


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