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UVa Health System: The LATC Hospital Project week 4




Question;UVa Health System: The LATC Hospital ProjectWk 4 is the second of two weeks on CAPITAL BUDGETINGDirections;(some repeating from Wk3 Assignment Template);1;Make a quick;scan through the LTAC case and the exhibits.;2;Listen to the;Intro Audio;3;Cohen Finance;Workbook chapter 4 is a review of Time Value of Money, which you covered in a;previous course.;Review it as;necessary, but defer the review until you look at the TVM applications in;chapter 5 beginning on p 79.;You need to;know TVM to understand the capital budgeting metrics of NPV, PI, and IRR.;Make sure you;have that;context in mind before reviewing the TVM chapter 4 (only if you need to).;4;Read the case;again, to grasp all the details, especially the Mulroney memo to her boss.;5;To understand;how a capital budgeting template works, follow the step-by-step procedure in;the book, pages 61-70;6;Scan pages 70-76 on;weighted average cost of capital. No need to emphasize at this point because;discount rates are given in the case.;7;Read pages;79-84 on NPV, PI, IRR, PP.;8;Pages 83-85;show a worked-out example of a capital budgeting decision.;1;See Q1 tab.;Scroll;down until you see the questions.;Capital;Budgeting Template;2;See Q2 tab.;Scroll down until you see;the questions.;K-wacc;3;See Q3 tab.;Scroll down until you see;the questions.;Sensitivity Analysis;Expect to revisit these;calculations and decisions in Wk7.


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