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Question;Question 1Which factor is important in determining net diffusion of a toxicantAnswersize of the moleculedegree of ionizationwater solubilityall of above1 points Question 2The best definition of toxicology isAnswerthe study of chemicalsthe study of the beneficial effects of chemical agentsthe study of cellular structurethe study of the adverse effects of chemicals in biological systems1 points Question 3NOAEL refers to:AnswerLowest data point at which there was not an observed toxic or adverse effectHighest data point at which there was not an observed toxic or adverse effectLowest data point at which there was an observed toxic or adverse effectHighest data point at which there was an adverse toxic or adverse effect1 points Question 4A process of tissue destruction characterized by rapid structural and biochemical changes:AnswerNecrosisApoptosisPromotionEpigenesis1 points Question 5Which of the following defines sub-chronic toxicity correctly?AnswerEffects of single dose/multiple dose exposures during a 24 hr period.Effects of multiple dose exposures during a 14 day period.Effects of multiple dose exposures during a 90 day period.Effects of multiple dose exposures during more than 90 days.1 points Question 6Toxicant injury always results in permanent changes.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 7A millionth of a gram is referred to as aAnswermicrogramnanogrampentogrammilligram1 points Question 8Which of the following is considered to be important in protecting individuals from chemicals?AnswerType of chemicals they are exposed toThe potential levels of exposureThe toxicity of the chemicalsAll of the above1 points Question 9Cellular swelling is a sign of early injury.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 10The amount of a xenobiotic compond encountered in the environment is:AnswerTotal doseAdministered doseExposure doseAbsorbed dose1 points Question 11Which of the following is not a determinant of cell membrane permeability?Answersize of toxicantcharge/polarityatmospheric pressureconcentration gradient1 points Question 12Which of the following influencesthe distribution of a toxicantAnswerBlood-brain barrierStorage in boneBinding to plasma proteinAll of the above1 points Question 13Chemicals that are hydrophilic readily diffuse across the phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes, whereas lipophilic ones pass through aquaous channels.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 14All of the following definitions are true except:AnswerToxicant,any substance that can potentially produce toxicity.Xenobiotic, any chemical which is not "foreign" to the body.Poison, a substance which when ingested, inhaled, injected or developed within the body, in relatively small amount,can cause structural damage or disturbance of function.Toxin, any poisonous substance produced by a living organism.1 points Question 15Which statement best describes a dose-response curve for CANCER?AnswerA line that does not pass through the origin.A curve with a point indicating the Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL).A line where there is no threshold.None of the above


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