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Financial Statements - ROI of Losen division of Mc...




Financial Statements - ROI of Losen division of McCarthy Corporation As the manager of Losen division of McCarthy Corporation, you are interested in determining the division's return on investment. As division manager you have no control over financing assets, but you control acquisition and disposition of assets. The division controller has given you the following data to aid you in calculating a return on investment. Fiscal Year, January 1 to December 31 (000 omitted): Total Assets, January 1 400,000 Total Assets, December 31 525,000 Long-term debt, January 1 75,000 Long-term debt, December 31 96,000 Owners equity, January 1 278,000 Owners equity, December 31 303,000 New income for the year 54,000 Interest expense on long term debt 4,200 Tax rate = 30% Questions to answer What method would be most appropriate for calculating the division's return on investment (ROI)? Why? Using this method, what is the ROI for the current year?


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