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Strayer HSA300 week 1-5 discussions




Question;Week 1 dq1;HCOs" Please;respond to the following;?;Should the text have started;with, ?Building healthy communities is the focus of HCOs, including patient;care but going well beyond?? Explain your answer.;?;Examine the major components of;the U.S. health care system to determine where the greatest opportunity for;improvement exists.;?;Provide examples of some of the;?going well beyond? activities.;Week 1 dq2;Transformational Management" Please respond to the following;?;Why do high-performing HCOs;strive for transformational styles?;?;Propose ways that;accountability can be achieved in high-performing, transformational HCOs.;?;How comfortable would you be;working in a high-performing, transformational organization?;?;Compare and contrast how;political, economic, and social forces have influenced changes in the United;States? healthcare system.;Week 2 dq1;Leadership" Please respond to the following;?;Explain and defend your views on each;of the following statements;o;?Managers do not give orders.?;o;?Managers do not make decisions.?;o;?Managers spend a lot of time;listening.?;o;?The governing board?s calendar;ultimately forces a decision.?;o;?Imagination is an important;managerial skill.?;Week 2 dq2;Operational Leadership" Please respond to the;following;?;Create a scenario that depicts how a;first-line leader should act to fulfill the purpose and functions of;operational leadership in his or her area.;?;Determine how the senior leadership;team knows that it has fulfilled the purpose and function of operational;leadership well.;?;How do individual senior leaders;evaluate their own contribution?;Week 3 dq1;Governance" Please respond to the following;?;Should every community have its own;healthcare organization with its own mission, or should hospitals be like;Wal-Mart, where the mission is set once for the world? State your position.;?;If there is a virtue to individual;community missions, determine what is it, and how a local governing board;should establish a mission.;Week 3 dq2;(This video looks at some;different outcome measures and the fact that the issue is not only having;outcomes, but being able to apply them to patient care.);Clinical Performance" Please respond to the;following;?;Why should clinical performance be;focused on outcomes?;?;How do you differentiate the concepts;of quality, appropriateness, economy, and efficiency?;?;Analyze the way that medical;decisions are made and explain why it is important that medical decisions;involve probabilities.;Watch;Video;Health;Outcomes Measurement in Orthopedic Hospital;Duration: (3:02)User:siemens;-Added:7/18/13;Week 4 dq1;Physician Relationships" Please respond to the;following;?;The traditional model of hospital;privileges and fee-for-service practice can be described as a partnership, a;sharing of responsibility between the physician and the institution. Examine;what each party does in this partnership to contribute to the partnership, and;what each expects to get from it.;?;Assess how this partnership between;the physician and the healthcare organization is changing in the 21st century.;Week 4 dq2;Nursing" Please respond to the following;?;In view of a national nursing;shortage and inadequate numbers of nursing faculty for increasing enrollments;determine the recommendations would you make to ensure an adequate supply of;nurses in your organization.;?;Evaluate the key nursing performance;measures by which a healthcare organization may monitor nursing effectiveness.;Week 5 dq1;Clinical Support Services" Please respond to the;following;?;Patient scheduling is often an issue;that involves several Clinical Support Services (CSSs). Some CSSs must be;scheduled in specific sequence, requiring the patient to be moved from place to;place. Delays should be minimized, but service times are not always;predictable. Propose ways that an excellent organization would address these;scheduling problems.;?;Illustrate the primary role of the;managers in Clinical Support Services in providing and improving quality;patient care.;Week 5 dq2;Approach to Clinical Support Services" Please;respond to the following;?;A small hospital in a well-managed;healthcare system can consider three ways to obtain clinical support services;?stand alone? (hire its own healthcare professionals), ?outsource? (buy;services from local providers), and ?affiliate? (arrange for training;procedures, and supervision through its system). Determine how the organization;should come to a decision regarding which approach to providing CSSs is;preferable.;?;Who should be involved in that;decision?;?;Assess the primary performance;measure used to evaluate the effectiveness of CSSs.


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