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Question;Discussion - Week 7Influenza PandemicDo you know why individuals have to get a flu shot to be protected from seasonal influenza every year? It is because of genetic drift. The influenza virus has an inherently unstable RNA genome, which makes it easy for it to mutate just enough every year so that our immune systems no longer recognize the virus. Every year, researchers work at a frantic pace to determine which strains will be prevalent in the coming year, and then create the vaccine to combat it. Usually, they get it right, but this is why in some years, the flu shot does not work very well. In the early part of flu season, samples are quickly analyzed to determine whether the strain is a good match for the vaccine.To prepare for this week's Discussion, reflect on the readings for this week.Post by Day 4a response to the following:Provide a concise description of the mechanism of action of influenza viruses, using molecular and biological terminology as appropriate. Include in your discussion an explanation of the ability of the influenza virus to cause a pandemic. Support your discussion with at least one primary research article.Discuss at least one example of recent, published research that is being done to understand an influenza virus that infects humans or that could potentially infect humans, and explain how the findings can be applied in public health.This could include a seasonal, zoonotic (eg. avian or canine), or known pandemic influenza strain. Be sure to cite the research study you discuss, which may not be the same source used for the bullet point above.Support your discussion by citing at leasttwoprimary research articles.


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