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Health Care Topics & Issues Final Exam




Question;Health Care Topics & IssuesFinal Exam1. In this class we encountered the concepts, vision, issues, characteristics and overview of management and organizational behavior theory. We looked at cases over which the managers in Health Care have the greatest control ? which is the manager himself or herself. We then looked at cases where the manager has a good deal of control with organizational design and professional integration and we concluded with cases where the manager has less control. Examples of this being implementation strategy and accountability. Many individuals contribute to the ultimate product that a hospital provides to its patients. With all of this in mind and hopefully much more that you have learned in your readings, case study analysis, evening news assignments, capstone project and your own experiences discuss the following:What are the major challenges that face today?s hospital from every different angle and perspective that you can think of? Once you have defined these challenges and hopefully mention all those factors that are both integral and necessary to manage a successful hospital operation define in your own words your management style and philosophy in operating a Hospital/Healthcare System in 2013 and well beyond over the next ten years.


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