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Grand Canyon HCA 225 All Discussions Week 1-7




Question;Week 1 DiscussionYour state legislature is considering the following health policy proposal: Mandating that all female students entering the 6thgrade obtain the cervical cancer vaccine. Discuss the policy and economic questions associated with this proposal.Interest groups do not have the power to pass laws, however, they can and do influence policy decisions. Provide examples and discuss how interest groups have influenced health policy decisions. For example, motorcycle helmet laws ? if we know that the use of a safety helmet can protect individuals from severe head and neck injuries in an accident, why do some states not have full helmet laws for all motorcycle riders?Week 2 DiscussionHealth policy is profoundly influenced by value-driven issues that cut across the entire U.S. policy landscape. Describe both positions (i.e., for and against) a current debate regarding a value-driven health policy issue.What interests in health policy do you bring to this class? McLaughlin?s Table 1-1 specifies the knowledge and skills called for in a policy analyst. Discuss for which of these areas do you currently feel prepared, and in which ones do you want to gain competence? Why?Week 3 DiscussionArgue the following statement: Despite our relatively high level of healthcare expenditure, we may still be getting enough for our money.Discuss the social forces and other issues behind the move toward industrialization. Does industrialization threaten professional autonomy and control? If yes, why? If no, why? Please provide examples to support your position.Week 4 DiscussionThere may be a great deal of debate about the monopoly power of the medical profession. Discuss whether the following statement is true: ?It is clear that the profession once exerted that power and that the power of the profession has been waning.? Please provide examples to support your responses.What role should government play in controlling increases in the cost of care and the cost of health coverage? What different choices do state and federal policymakers have in containing costs.Week 5 DiscussionDiscuss why those who propose a one-size-fits-all approach to solving health care problems are operating in a simplistic never-never land that ignores the complex interests of many stakeholders.Discuss why large and small employers seem to have different interests.Week 6 DiscussionTable 5-1 inHealth Policy Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Approachis long, but it is not intended to exhaust the possibilities. What federal government alternatives would you like to add to that array? Post and defend your alternatives for inclusion in an expanded Table 5-1.Discuss why obtaining true free market competition would require considerable government intervention.Week 7 DiscussionDiscuss value-driven care initiatives in relation to pay-for-performance and medical home initiatives (demonstration projects).Discuss the different interests (and why) medical professionals and the institutions they work in can have? even when they present a united front to the consumer.


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