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Question;Question 1. 1. "A foundation in the principles of;ethics is essential to successful practice in any healthcare setting.? Using;the principles described in Chapter Two, give examples of four reasons why this;statement is true. (Points: 25);Question 2. 2. There are ethics issues that occur even;before a person is born. Using the content of Chapters Three, Four, Five, and;Six, select which issues affect moral status before birth and what the ethical;concerns are for healthcare practitioners. (Points: 25);Question 3. 3. In Chapter One, you studied the key features;of several theories of ethics. You will use these theories in your practice as;a healthcare professional. Choose two theories from those that you studied. For;each theory, discuss at least three reasons why they will be useful to you.;(Points: 25);Question 4. 4. Aging is not for the faint of heart. There;are many issues related to care needs and options, access, and the view of the;patient or resident versus that of the practitioner. Given what you learned in;Chapters Eight and Nine, choose two issues that you think are most important to;patients or residents as they age and answer the following: What principles of;ethics relate to these issues? (Points: 25)


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