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Question;Course;Textbook;Carrell;M. R., & Heavrin, C. (2010). Labor relations and collective bargaining;Cases, practice, and law(9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.;Select;one of the following three options for your course project.Your;paper should be a well-organized paper of 6-8 pages in length (in addition to a;title page identifying your name and the course number), with no spelling or;grammar mistakes, clearly articulated, and to the point. Your paper must;reflect APA style and contain at least three references other than the book;which may include Internet sources, professional journal articles, or other;resources related to the profession.;1. Select a topic covered in the course and have it;approved by the instructor. Then conduct research on the topic to determine;historical trends and recent developments. Before completing your paper, have;your instructor approve your bibliography.;2. You are the Human Resource Director for a 500-bed;hospital. You have learned that the American Professionals Union is attempting;to unionize your 1,000 registered nurses. The CEO has asked you to draft a plan;? either supporting the nurses in their efforts OR attempting to remain union;free. Draft solid arguments ? either pro or con ? for presentation and;recommendation to the CEO.;3.;Much political effort has been given to the passage and implementation of the;?Employee Free Choice Act.? Your local U.S. representative has asked you, the;local HR group president, to submit a position paper to her regarding the HR;group's position on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed legislation.;Your work could influence the Representative's vote ? make your arguments fact;based and strong.


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