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Question;Cycle of LifeThalidomide is widely known as the anti-nausea drug that was given to pregnant women in the 1950s (Lepper, Smith, Cox, Scripture, & Figg, 2006). This drug was later found to cause severe birth defects. However, today, based on the same mechanism of action that led to the limb malformations, thalidomide is being researched as a cancer drug (Gordinier et al., 2007). This highlights the importance of understanding mechanisms of action, and of keeping an open mind as to application of such knowledge. It also highlights how important the stage of development is and the implications of increased sensitivity based on stage of development.In preparation for this week?s Discussion, consider the role of cellular and molecular biology in aging and how the cycle of life presents different opportunities for health risks. In Week 2, we discussed the skin. Although you are encouraged to think about how material from this week applies to skin, please choose a different organ system for this Discussion.


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