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Question;You are required to;complete a term paper for this course, in which you will apply the;information you have;covered throughout the course.;The term paper applies;the Morrison and Furlong (2014) Health Care Ethics, Critical Issues for;the 21st Century (3rd ed.) textbook to lead HCM 540 students through a;process of health leadership competency, affective domain of learning;self-reflection, personal assessment, and professional development;planning. The term paper is designed to facilitate the student to;comprehend, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create a better understanding;of how to apply ethics when emerging ethical dilemmas arise and;to articulate;professional interests, strengths, and areas for further learning and;development in preparation for managing and leading health care;organizations in the;future.;In preparation for;your term paper, research and compare the cases of Quinlan, Cruzan, and;Schiavo. During your research, you should read about patient;self-determination, right to die, advance care planning, ethical issues;in right to die cases, the moral significance of family decision making;and ethical issues concerning physician-assisted suicide. After you have;completed these tasks, write a paper on;Death, Dying, and the;Law in America.;What are the ethical;dilemmas and legal considerations families and providers will be faced;with? Do you think that these ethical dilemmas and legal considerations are;more important than they were in the past?;What ethics issues;related to death, medicine, and the family decision-making do you think;will apply and be present as the patients experience the dying process;today?;Your paper must;? be 8?10 pages in length;? be double-spaced;? use 1 inch margins left, right, top, and bottom;? use 12-point Times New Roman font;The cover sheet, table;of contents, index, pictures, long quotations, or multiple;quotations will not;count toward the 8?10 page requirement. APA format is required.;Summarization and/or;Conclusions;Write a thoughtful and;detailed summarization and/or conclusion of your term paper showing how;you compared and integrated the Saint Leo core values of community;integrity, and excellence into the selected topic.


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