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Question;You will create a PowerPoint presentation for your supervisor explaining and reporting on one of the current issues (select one of the categories listed in the bullet points below and find a compelling current issue of interest to you). You can either select a current issue from the textbook and then, find other sources (minimum of 7) to elaborate and support your presentation or find a current issue in the media, IOM website or another government or medical organization?s website.For example, under information technology category, you can discuss implementation of medical records. Review discussion posts for topics/issues that you or your peers may have discussed previously.Make sure to cite your sources. DO NOT copy and paste out of the book or other sources. Each presentation will be checked in TurnItIn plagiarism software. The exam is an assessment of your learned knowledge of the concepts covered in the class. Submit your final exam as a PowerPoint presentation document in the drop box titled Final Exam within Weekly Folders.For grading and expectations, please review the below rubric.? Leadership? Management and Motivation? Organizational Behavior and Management Thinking? Strategic Planning? Healthcare Marketing? Quality Improvement? Information Technology? Financing Health Care and Health Insurance? Managing Costs and Revenues? Managing Healthcare Professionals? The Strategic Management of Human Resources? Teamwork? Addressing Health Disparities: Cultural Proficiency? Ethics and Law? Fraud and AbusePresentation SpecificationsLengthMin 10 PowerPoint slides with minimum 200 words in the slide notes section, max 20 slidesReferencesMinimum 7 Refereed (Scholarly) Journals (Wikipedia,, blogs are not acceptable). Use SUNY Canton library resourcesReference StyleAPA EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR PRESENTATIONS SCORING SHEETUsing a scale of 1 to 10, where one is poor and 10 is excellent, how well did the presenter:How well did the presenter:PointsIndicate the purpose of the presentation and its relevance to the course?0/5Ensure the presentation was relevant to the current state of healthcare?0/5Demonstrate knowledge about the subject?0/10Use proper grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary?0/5Adhere to length constraints (10-20 slides, excluding references)?0/5Use current references (not > 5 years old) and cite properly in presentation?0/5Provide appropriate main points and accomplish stated objectives?0/10Use legible fonts with appropriate colors/background and clip art?0/5n


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