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Question;Answer the following;questions regarding Case 1 ? The Pharmaceutical Industry: An Industry;Note.;Your answers;should be typed in Microsoft Word document, comprise 3-4 pages for the body in;this essay format paper, and meet APA 6 Ed. guidelines (except no Abstract will;be used for this short paper). Your paper should follow (and;include) the same main headings found below (remember to center main;headings). At least four secondary (in addition to our text);peer-reviewed sources properly cited and referenced are required, along with;our text used for this paper.You will attach your paper;using the assignment link (see the Assignment Submission link under the Weekly;Materials for Week 1).;Case 1 Assignment Questions;Introduction;Describe the pharmacy;industry and products and introduce your paper.;Market size and major;players;1. Describe the;pharmaceutical market.;2. What countries;are the largest consumers both in capita and total spending?;3. What role has;globalization taken in the pharmaceutical market?;Research and development;1. What role does;research and development play in the pharmaceutical industry?;2. Who pays for;research and development costs?;3. What is more;important to a pharmaceutical company - research and development or sales and;marketing?;Regulation;What is the process for;getting a new drug approved?;Conclusion;What conclusions can be;drawn from your literature review of the pharmacy industry?


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