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Davenport HCMG770 Week 1 Case Study Paper




Question;Your answers should be typed in Microsoft Word document, comprise 3-4 pages for the body in this essay format paper, and meet APA 6 Ed. guidelines (except no Abstract will be used for this short paper). Your paper should follow (and include) the same main headings found below (remember to center main headings). At least four secondary (in addition to our text) peer-reviewed sources properly cited and referenced are required, along with our text used for this paper. You will attach your paper using the assignment link (see the Assignment Submission link under the Weekly Materials for Week 1).Case 1 Assignment QuestionsIntroductionDescribe the pharmacy industry and products and introduce your paper.Market size and major playersDescribe the pharmaceutical market.What countries are the largest consumers both in capita and total spending?What role has globalization taken in the pharmaceutical market?Research and developmentWhat role does research and development play in the pharmaceutical industry?Who pays for research and development costs?What is more important to a pharmaceutical company - research and development or sales and marketing?RegulationWhat is the process for getting a new drug approved?ConclusionWhat conclusions can be drawn from your literature review of the pharmacy industry?


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