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Question;Health;Economics Principles and Individuals' ChoicesHow;much would you be willing to pay to ensure good health? Besides money, what;would you be willing to trade to optimize your health and the health of your;loved ones? Does it make sense to conceive of health in this way? Why or why;not?;Economic principles influence the health-related choices people make. As a;health care professional, it is important to understand how individuals' views;of health and resources (such as time and money) differ from one another, and;how this difference affects choices.;To;prepare for the Discussion;?;Review the economic concepts presented;in Learning Resources, including those described in Chapter 1, sections 1.3 and;1.4 (pp. 11?16), of theHealth Economics and Financing text.;?;?;Reflect on the ideas presented in the;article " Healthy Right Up to the Day You're Not." What insights does;the article offer about various perspectives on health and health care?;?;Then;consider the following questions;?;o;How do you, personally, define health?;What have you noticed about others' views of health?;o;o;What choices do you make to promote;your health? Consider the trade-offs you have made recently with regard to time;and money. What lifestyle choices (e.g., related to diet, exercise) do you make;to prevent illness and disease? What medical services and/or products have you;utilized to advance your well-being?;o;o;How do your views of time (e.g.;short-term versus long-term planning) and money influence your health-related;decisions? How do your beliefs about the efficacy of prevention or about;quality of life affect your decision making?;o;o;Bring to mind one or more areas of life;that are not related to health or health care. How do your choices in other;areas compare with the choices you make with regard to health and health care?;Post;by Day 4 a;cohesive response that addresses the following;?;Describe;how the choices you make with regard to health and health care reflect the;economic principles introduced this week. Provide at least one detailed example;to support your response and illustrate specific concepts.;?;Explain;how these choices are similar to and/or different from choices you make in at;least one area that is not related to health or health care. Provide at least;one detailed example to support your response and illustrate specific economic;concepts.;Read a selection of;your colleagues' postings.


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