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apu SPHS506 Week 1 Lab 1




Question;This;week's assignment consists of a lab. You are to find the health risk appraisal;in the resources section and have an individual of your choice fill it out (If;no one else is around you can do it on yourself as well). You are to then write;a lab report on the health risk appraisal. The report should consist of an;introduction, methodology, results and conclusion section. The introduction;should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs and should use a minimum of 2 peer reviewed;sources. The methodology should include how the health history questionnaire;was administered and a copy of the health history questionnaire. In the results;section you will write what the results were. The conclusion section will;include what you conclude from these results. Make sure that the conclusion;section is not a duplication of the results.


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