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Question;Week 6 discnn;Clinical Databases (graded);We identified in the lecture the various clinical;databases required by the federal government. What is the purpose of requiring;these databases? What makes the information being collected important?;2;Management of Databases and Indices;(graded);Data have been collected upon completion of;the surgical informed consent form. More than 200 records have been reviewed;for the presence of the following data items on the consent form: date and;time the consent was completed and explained to the patient, the type of;surgery performed, risks or possible complications of surgery, the;patient's signature, the date and time of signing, the physician or;surgeon's signature, the date and time of signing, the witness' or nurse's;signature, and the date and time of signing.;In order to set up a database with the information obtained, what column heads;do you create, and how do you document the presence or absence of a data;item on the consent form?


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