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UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 3




Question;?Question 1 The inception of _____ was used as a trial balloon for the idea of government-sponsored universal health insurance.? Question 2 Which of the following factors was particularly important in promoting the growth of office-based medical practice in the postindustrial period?? Question 3 The beliefs and values that form American ideology represent the sentiments of? Question 4 Initially, what was the main purpose of private health insurance in the US?? Question 5 Historically, which interest group was the most powerful in opposing national health insurance?? Question 6 E-health has resulted in? Question 7 Hospitals in the United States evolved from? Question 8 When hospitals first emerged in the United States, they were used primarily by the wealthy.? Question 9 In its historical context, which of the following has played a major role in revolutionizing health care delivery?? Question 10 The private medical sector in the US has been heavily regulated by the government mainly because? Question 11 In the preindustrial era, _____ often functioned as surgeons.? Question 12 What was the function of a pesthouse in the preindustrial period?? Question 13 In the US, public health and private practice of medicine developed separately because? Question 14 Wage freezes during World War II helped promote employer-based health insurance in the United States.? Question 15 The US Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C. directed US states to? Question 16 As the health care delivery system developed in the US, right from its inception primary care physicians were assigned a gatekeeping role.? Question 17 Middle-class Americans have historically opposed proposals for a national health insurance program.? Question 18 During the World War II period, the US Supreme Court ruled that? Question 19 On what grounds have middle-class Americans generally opposed proposals for a national health insurance program?? Question 20 What main purpose was served by an almshouse in the preindustrial period?


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