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UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 5




Question;? Question 1 What is the main function of the National Institutes of Health?? Question 2 Cost-efficiency evaluates marginal benefits in relation to? Question 3 What is the main intent of the Stark laws?? Question 4 Telemedicine technology that allows a specialist located at a distance to directly interview and examine a patient is referred to as? Question 5 This made additional resources available to the FDA, and resulted in a shortened approval process for new drugs.? Question 6 The utilization of technology has a greater impact on total health care expenditures than the cost of acquiring technology.? Question 7 The ACA of 2010 places some restrictions on the licensing of new biological products.? Question 8 What is the main advantage of interoperability within an electronic health records (EHR) system?? Question 9 The asynchronous form of telemedicine uses _____ technology.? Question 10 The point at which marginal benefits equal marginal costs.? Question 11 What is the role of an institutional review board (IRB)?? Question 12 Which of the following has the greatest impact on system-wide health care costs?? Question 13 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires? Question 14 What main purpose do Clinical Practice Guidelines serve?? Question 15 Supply-side rationing.? Question 16 Which department of the DHHS supports research on health care quality, cost, and access?? Question 17 The FDA was given the authority to review the effectiveness and safety of a new drug before it could be marketed.? Question 18 Limitations on the diffusion and utilization of technology generally result in harmful effects on a nation's population.? Question 19 Evaluation of the appropriateness of medical technology.? Question 20 American beliefs and values favor the development and use of new medical technology despite its cost.? Question 21 At the flat of the curve


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