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UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 11




Question;? Question 1 A disease is considered chronic if it is observed for at least how long?? Question 2 Lack of insurance can result in:? Question 3 Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rate of uninsurance? Question 4 Among women, which racial/ethnic group has the highest percentage distribution of AIDS?? Question 5 Rural areas are particularly good places for managed care implementation.? Question 6 What does the federal Ryan White CARE Act fund?? Question 7 The health status of American Indians no longer lags significantly behind other racial/ethnic groups.? Question 8 Which racial/ethnic group is growing the fastest?? Question 9 Many Hispanic families who immigrated to the U.S. may not qualify for Medicaid.? Question 10 Educational attainment varies very little among Asian American subgroups.? Question 11 Most uninsured adults are employed but are not covered because:? Question 12 Which racial/ethnic group is least likely to use mammography?? Question 13 Which racial/ethnic group has the highest rate of low birth weight infants?? Question 14 Approximately how many Americans are uninsured?? Question 15 More women than men will suffer from major depression in their lifetimes.? Question 16 The 2010 U.S. Census allowed respondents to choose one or more races when they self-identify.? Question 17 Uninsured people are more likely to postpone seeking medical care, compared to insured people.? Question 18 What is the primary purpose of the National Health Service Corps?? Question 19 Approximately how many adult Americans have a mental disorder in any one year?? Question 20 What does ?MUA? stand for?


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