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UMUC HMGT300 assignment 4 Final project




Question;Assignment #4: (20 points) Final ProjectInstructions Assignment 4:(20 points) Final Project- Federally Qualified Health Center Case Study (Power Point Presentation).;In the final project, students will apply the knowledge gained in this course to a case example.;Each student will select one of the scenarios below and develop a;10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation to discuss the current status of the;organization, provide an overview of the organization, and make;recommendations on how to manage the selected problem. You must include;one or more slides that address the degree to which the Affordable Care;Act might impact these services. Use APA formatting references and your;reference slides. For this presentation, your title slide does not have;to be in APA format.;Info on FQHC?s here:;SCENARIO OPTIONS.Pick one of the scenarios;below. Your role is the manager in charge of the clinic. Restate the;problem you are addressing. Make some logical assumptions. Make brief;recommendations as to a reasonable solution to the problem in the;scenario.;Let?s assume Mercy Free Clinic is expanding its permanent offerings;to include diabetes support groups and medication therapy management;(free). With HIPAA regulations and cultural sensitivity in mind, how;would your ?get the word out? about your new clinic services? How would;you recruit patients when they are in the building for other health care;services?Linking patients with their needed medicines is very difficult. The;supply of free medications, drug samples, and the process of helping;patients apply for free drug programs (hosted by the pharmaceutical;industry) is the challenge you must face. Explain what you would do and;why this is not as much of a problem for Medicaid patients.The patient care surveys sent out about the quality of your service;came back with important feedback. The results suggest improvements are;needed in the continuity of care of your patients especially when a;patient goes into or out of the hospital/emergency department. What plan;will you put forward (recommendations) to the provider team and/or the;management team?You have a very high number of no shows for appointments. What can;you do to improve the number of patients arriving within an acceptable;window of time for their appointment? Please consider the language;transportation, and health care educational needs of your patient;population.Grading Rubric for the final Assessment;weight;Criteria;40%;Critical Thinking Skills: Clearly presents thoughts and concepts.;Diagrams elements of a graphic in correct relationship to one another.;30%;Course Content: Uses, applies, and demonstrates understanding of;course materials, readings, conferences, and instructor-provided;content. Visual and graphic images capture and display understanding of;the concepts;15%;Assignment Instructions: Responds to assignment instructions, including all essential elements of the project description.;15%;Writing Quality: Writes clearly, concisely, and with few errors. APA;format is followed. Citations are used. Clearly presents material;graphically. Easy to understand.;100%;Maximum total points;Due DateMay 9, 2014 11:59 PMHide RubricsRubric Name: Assignment #4 RubricCriteriaLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Creative Thought/Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Self-Assessment0 pointsShows;no original thought, all secondhand ideas demonstrates very little;creative thought or insight, consists mostly of secondhand ideas10 pointsDemonstrates very little creative thought or insight, consists mostly of secondhand ideas20 pointsShows minimally acceptable originality, insight, and/or problem-solving skill30 pointsShows some originality, insight, and/or problem-solving skill40 pointsDemonstrates a high degree of originality, insight, and/or problem-solving skillApplication of Concepts/Development & Support0 pointsMeaningful attempt to explain or support ideas does not exist.7 pointsExplanations and support of ideas is inadequate or ineffective.15 pointsInconsistency in developing and supporting ideas.23 pointsDeveloped and supported key points.30 pointsThorough and insightful exploration, explanations that support each idea.Attention to Assignment Instructions0 pointsDid not demonstrate understanding of assignment requirements.4 pointsFailed to show a firm understanding of requirements. Missed two key elements or several minor aspects of assignment..8 pointsDemonstrated some understanding of requirements. Missed a key element or two minor aspects of assignment.11 pointsDemonstrated understanding of requirements. Missed one minor aspect of assignment.15 pointsDemonstrated full understanding of requirements. Responded to each aspect of assignment.Writing Quality & Clarity, including Grammar0 pointsLargely incomprehensible writing/Poorly written in terms of mechanics and structure OR no attempt at APA style4 pointsUnclear and difficult to understand, frequent spelling and grammar issues, more than six APA style errors8 pointsWordy;some points require rereading to understand fully, more than an;occasional spelling and/or grammar, four to six APA style errors11 pointsMost ideas are presented clearly, but has occasional spelling and/or grammar issues, no more than three APA style errors15 pointsWriting;is clear and easy to follow. Grammar and spelling are all correct.;Formatting gives a pg are all correct. Formatting gives a professional;look and adds to readability, no APA style errorsOverall ScoreLevel 10 or moreLevel 21 or moreLevel 326 or moreLevel 451 or moreLevel 576 or more


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