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Question;see the attached file. it is a case study that will be due on friday;HCM530 Case study 5Planning with Electron-Beam Computed;Tomography (EBCT);The use of;electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT) for screening of asymptomatic high;risk cardiac population to assess for developing coronary heart disease is a;new low risk alternative to the traditional invasive heart catheterization. The;cardiac CT is recommended by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) as a;secondary prevention test to screen prior to a myocardial infarction and death.;Garcia (2005) cites that 1 in 20 emergency department (ED) patients present;with chest pain and 3-5% of heart attacks have been missed by ED physicians.;Another 20-40% of patients who have an invasive heart catheterization are;negative. He recommends the cardiac CT as a method to solve some of these;issues, however, continued validation is needed. The CT is not an answer for;all patients, such as the obese, where visualization is difficult, or those;with irregular heart rhythms. Hospitals and clinics across the nation are now;purchasing the EBCT scanners. This case study will discuss the screening;ability and healthcare planning challenges when bringing in new technology to;the healthcare market.;A recent purchase of;an EBCT scanner was installed in a central U.S. clinic which serves a 300-bed;tertiary hospital. The hospital and clinic took great care in training all staff;in its use and patient preparation methods, including running a pilot on;several local volunteers. Three months post pilot there remains limited use of;this test. Why?;Case Questions:Answer the case questions, with research;from your book, CDC, NIH and other quality sources to determine answers and;solutions. You are to write a 2-3 page paper in APA formatting that addresses;the following questions. Note: A minimum of two references should be used;which should include your textbook and the CDC, and others that support your;responses in your paper. This is a paper, so your answer should not be;numbered, but rather it should use titles and subtitles.;1. What are the sensitivity, specificity, and;predictive values of EBCT?;2. Compare Valanis?s criteria for a good screening;program with the eight criteria which the ACC/American Heart Association (AHA);panel proposed for selection of a screening procedure.;3. Provide descriptive epidemiology of this IL region;to support the need to purchase a cardiac CT scanner.;4. (Health care;planning) What should be done at this point to encourage use of this;screening/diagnostic test for coronary heart disease?


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