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Question;The;discussion question for this module is a series of questions related to a case;study found in Chapter 1 of the text. Please answer all three questions (found;below) in your initial response.Chapter 1 (pp 7-15): CASE STUDY?GROUP HEALTH EAST (GHE);100,000-member managed care;organizationMixed model55-year-old administrator;(Mr. Jones)Two large multi-specialty;groups, each with a separate clinic500 individual MDs in;communityAffiliated with two major;hospitals in BostonEach clinic maintains a;functional designTwo divisions (support;services and clinical services)Considering moving to a;?matrix model?Initial Discussion Questions;What are the advantages and;disadvantages of a matrix model for GHE in terms of direct and indirect;costs, as well as benefits such as improved coordination?How many product lines;should the organization identify?How should the organization;determine which product lines ought to maintain separate identities as;part of the matrix design?Be sure;in your initial response you support your findings and post with at;least two quality, primary sources, which may include you textbook.;Cite and reference your sources. (write 5-6 sentence summaries for;each question).


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