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Students will conduct original research on the cas...




Students will conduct original research on the case. It is recommended that students read the case several time before attempting research. The specific format for the case will be posted. Partners must conduct original research which means that students must review at least three academic journals and not less than five additional popular business press references. Your response must follow the rules of basic writing fundamentals (grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph formation, spelling etc.) References must be cited using APA 6th annotated style. If you are unfamiliar with this style, please seek online assistance at Your paper must be 5-7 pages (excluding the standard course cover page and Works Cited page). CASE STUDY FORMAT I. Introduction (Brief Background) II. Situation Analysis: A. Mission Statement (Vision) B. Organizational/Marketing Objectives C. SWOT Analysis D. Competitive Analysis E. Market Analysis, Industry Analysis & Trends III. Problem/Opportunity Statement IV. Identification of Alternatives & Evaluation V. Selection, Implementation & Recommendations Your response must include qualitative and quantitative data to support recommendations. Avoid the use of personal pronouns. Use terminology and vocabulary extensively.


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