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Question;Clinical, research and managerial epidemiologists deal in risk. Risk is the chance that a person may or may not develop the condition, with or without exposure, in a defined time period. There is more than one type of risk.Type of RiskAbsolute risk(incidence, prevalence)Relative risk (RR)(Odds Ratio)Attributablerisk/fractionRisk ObjectiveTo determine the rates of disease by person, place and timeTo identify the risk factors for the diseaseTo develop approaches for disease preventionExampleBirth/death rates are absolute!What are the odds?Increase/decrease in incidence/proportion?What do we know about the absolute, relative risk and attributable risk of smoking and lung cancer?How may this knowledge help in private and public health epidemiology?Be sure in your initial response to provide at least two examples from peer reviewed literature that expound upon this relationship (write 5-6 sentence summaries for each article).


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