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Question;Module 2 DiscussionThe discussion question for this module is a series of questions related to a case study found in Chapter 3 of the text. Please answer all three questions (found below) in your initial response.Chapter 3: CASE STUDY (3.2)?Breast Cancer ScreeningIn Case Study 3.2 in the text, Pisano and colleagues (2006) compared the performance of digital to film mammography for breast cancer screening. Now assume that the sensitivity and specificity of digital mammography is 85% and 95% respectively, the sensitivity and specificity of film mammography is 55% and 85% respectively, and that 0.03% of women below the age of 50 have breast cancer, and 12% of symptomatic women have breast cancer.Initial Discussion Questions:How successful is film mammography in identifying women with breast cancer, or ruling out the disease in women without breast cancer?Are there any recent advances (previous 5 years) that could improve the success rates? If so, please explain what they are.Be sure in your initial response you support your findings and post with at least two quality, primary sources, which may include you textbook. Cite and reference your sources. (write 5-6 sentence summaries for each question).


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