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Question;1.;(TCO 1);The implementation of reasonable policies, processes, steps, and tools;used to maintain confidentiality" best describes;(Points: 5);;Question 2.;2.;(TCO 1);enables patients to find out how their information may be used and;what disclosures of their information have been made.;(Points: 5);ConfidentialityPrivacySecurityTechnologyAuthorization;Question 3.;3.;(TCO 1) What does the acronym PHI stand for?;(Points: 5);Protective Healthcare InitiativePublic Health InformationPortable Health InsuranceProtected Health InformationPortable Health Information;Question 4.;4.;(TCO 2) The HIPAA Privacy Rule effective date is?;(Points: 5);April 14, 2001April 14, 2003August 14, 2002August 12, 1998February 20, 2003;Question 5.;5.;(TCO 2) Which of the following is the BEST example of an incidental disclosure?;(Points: 5);overhearing a discussion between a physician and a patientunlocked and unattended computers or workstationsPHI on a printerreleasing information without an authorizationmedical records on the counter in the nurses station;Question 6.;6.;(TCO 2) The Privacy Rule safeguards PHI by which of the following?;(Points: 5);giving individuals the right to correct mistakestelling patients how their information will be usedlimiting the use and disclosure of informationAll of the aboveNone of the above


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