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Question;Discussion;Provide and assess an example from a scholarly;publication, a news story, and/or your own experience where a complex systems;approach has (or needs to) inform performance improvement in a health industry;organization or multi-organization system;Discussion;What motivates people at work? What role can;managers play in improving employee motivation, morale, and engagement? Please;be specific, wide-ranging, analytical, and recommendations-oriented in this;discussion.;Discussion 3;Provide and assess an example (based on a;scholarly publication, a news story, and/or your own experience) of a;multidisciplinary work team in a health care setting. In your presentation and;analysis of this work team, please draw on and apply the Model of Team;Effectiveness that is presented in Chapter 5 and summarized in Figure 5.1.;Provide and assess an example from your own experience;a news story, and/or a scholarly publication where there was conflict in the;workplace. As a manager, what can you do to steer conflict into a productive;rather than destructive direction?;Module5;Discussion;How can;large, complex health care organizations learn and be innovative? What factors;constrain organizational learning and innovation? Please be specific, wide-ranging;analytical, and recommendations-oriented in this discussion.;Module6;Discussion;How should;health care organizations approach strategy? What is competitive advantage in;health care? Please be specific, wide-ranging, analytical, and;recommendations-oriented in this discussion.;Module7;Discussion;What factors;are contributing to the widespread adoption and use of health information;technology? What are some implementation challenges in adopting new health;information technology? Please be specific, wide-ranging, analytical, and;recommendations-oriented in this discussion.;Module8;Discussion;Identify;assess, and offer recommendations for a range of current "health care;consumerism" issues.


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