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Question;Assignment;3;The 'stakeholder' is one of the most important concepts in;health care. Effective leaders know their stakeholders, paying close attention;to the barriers that distort communication... Health care organizations are;located in especially complex stakeholder environments. Take, for example, a;large academic hospital. It can easily have more than two dozen stakeholders;as illustrated by Figure 6.5. Each stakeholder group has interests that;predispose it to support or contest the hospital's initiative" (Moussa;Chapter 5, p. 173).;Please write approximately 1,750-2,000 words addressing the;following scenario;You;are a senior executive at a community hospital that is considering hiring a;hospitalist physician.;What stakeholders would you include in a stakeholder analysis to;evaluate adoption of a hospitalist model of care?;? For this paper, please perform a stakeholder analysis that;- Assesses stakeholder interests and "stakes;- Develops strategies for effective communication, gaining;support, and reducing obstacles/opposition.


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