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Question;The Midterm Exam is an applied case study scenario where you are the executive director of;a long-term care facility that has that has decided to pursue Joint Commission accreditation.;In the Midterm case study scenario, you will draw on, apply, and cite the first seven;chapters of the course textbook to write an Action Plan for preparing the long-term care;facility for the accreditation site visit. The length of the Action Plan should be approximately;2,400 words (excluding the list of cited references at the end). You will also apply and cite;at least five additional references above and beyond the textbook.HCM550;Midterm Exam;You are;the executive director of a long-term care facility that has decided to pursue;Joint Commission accreditation. Your decision to become a Joint;Commission-accredited long term care facility was finalized when you read the;attached document titled, ?Three More Reasons to Consider Joint Commission;Accreditation.? The following excerpt from this document was especially;influential;?Joint Commission-accredited long term;care facilitiesoutperform non-accredited facilities in a number of key areas;?;Better;quality of care outcomes;?;Fewer;overall deficiency citations, and;?;Improved;resident safety culture? (Joint Commission, 2013).;You also;forwarded ?Facts About Long Term Care Accreditation? to your director of;nursing with the following sections highlighted;?Benefits of Accreditation;Long term care organizations seek Joint;Commission accreditation as a means to improve organization performance, as;well as to demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety to external;stakeholders. Current research shows that long term care accreditation is a;risk reduction activity that reduces the likelihood of negative patient or;resident outcomes and incrementally improves an organization?s performance. In;addition, accreditation enhances community confidence, supports staff;recruitment and education, and provides a structure for organizing business and;care processes. Accreditation also allows providers to differentiate themselves;in a market of more than 15,000 nursing facilities in the United States? (Joint;Commission, 2012).;?Survey Process;To earn and maintain accreditation, a;long term care organization must undergo an on-site survey by a Joint;Commission surveyor(s)? The survey process evaluates actual care processes by;tracing patients and residents through the care, treatment and services they;receive and also analyzes key operational systems that directly affect the;quality and safety of patient or resident care? (Joint Commission, 2012).;For the HCM550;Midterm Exam, draw on, apply, and cite the first seven chapters of the course;textbookto write an Action Plan for preparing the long-term care facility for;the accreditation site visit;?;Chapter;1: The Management Challenge of Delivering Value in Health Care: Global and U.S.;Perspectives;?;Chapter;2: Leadership and Management: A Framework for Action;?;Chapter;3: Organization Design and Coordination;?;Chapter;4: Motivating People;?;Chapter;5: Teams and Team Effectiveness in Health Services Organizations;?;Chapter;6: Communication;?;Chapter;7: Power, Politics, and Conflict Management;In;writing the Action Plan, be action-oriented, in charge, and convey management;judgment, confidence, leadership, and passion. The length of the Action Plan;should be approximately 2,400 focused, clear, concise, convincing, well-structured;and individuallyauthored words (excluding the list of cited references at the;end).Also, apply and cite at least five additional references above and beyond;the textbook.Format the Action Plan using double-spaced writing in 12-point;font.;Please;upload your assignment to the Dropbox named Midterm Exam no later thanSunday;11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 4.;Burns;L. R., Bradley, E. H., & Weiner, B. J. (2012). Shortell and Kaluzny?s Health Care Management: Organization Design and;Behavior(6th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.;Joint;Commission. (2012). Facts About Long Term Care Accreditation. Retrieved from;;Joint;Commission. (2013). Three More Reasons to Consider Joint Commission;Accreditation. Retrieved from


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